Austin, Harry Ranson Humanities Research Center MS 29


Astronomical miscellany

Aratea text: Excerptum de astrologia; De ordine ac positione

Parchment — i+102+i fols. — 220 × 164 mm — Southern Germany — s. XI1

Support: Foliated.

Layout: Onff. 1r-31v and on f. 100v there are around 26 ruled lines in one column;Layout: onff. 32r-100r andff. 101r-102v there are between 25 and 32 ruled lines in two columns.

Script: Carolingian minuscule

Binding: Gothic binding with four bosses and a strap-and-pin mechanism with the pin on the upper board.

Paper sheet from the 15th c. content notebound in the MS between first and second folio. Paste down13th c. hymns attributed to Ambrose "Hinc roma celsum uerticem[…]" and others. F. Ir-v and f. I*r-v liturgical hymns with neums "O sator rerum reparatorcui (?) christe rex regum metuend[e cen] sor ad preces nostras[…]" On the backpastedown unidentified text.

History: The manuscript is supposed to be copied s. XI1 in part by Abbot Ellinger (975/980-1056) in Tegernsee Abbey (Southern Germany). See note on fol. 103v: "Abbas indignus ego Ellinger peccator istam glosam scripsi dum essem in Altahensi monasterio deo sanctoque quirino. Rogo uos omnes in ea legentes ut oretis pro me.". The note is an indication that he copied De verborum significatione and the following shorter texts, and not necessarily the whole manuscript. — It belong to the Tegernsee Abbey as noted on the first flyleaf: "Istud volumen attinet (?) venerabili monasterio sancti Quirini in Tegernsee[…] H̃ Abbas Ellingerus scripsit hunc librum". Additionally there is a note from the librarian of the monastery Ambrosius Schwerzenbeck on the small paper leaf fol. 1-bis from the 15th c. The manuscript is recorded in the 15th c. catalogue among Bede's works under the title "Excerptum de naturalibus hystoriis Plinii philosophi" with the signature "l 44".

Selected Bibliography:Eastwood, Bruce Stansfield. "Calcidius’s Commentary on Plato’s‘Timaeus’ in Latin Astronomy of the Ninth to Eleventh Centuries." In Eastwood, The Revival of Planetary Astronomy in Carolingian and Post-Carolingian Europe, 171–209, 2002. p. 173. — Eder, Christine Elisabeth. Die Schule Des Klosters Tegernsee Im Frühen Mittelalter Im Spiegel der Tegernseer Handschriften. Munich: Universität München, 1972. pp. 78-9. — Glauche, Günter, Hermann Knaus, and Bernhard Bischoff. Mittelalterliche Bibliothekskataloge Deutschlands und Der Schweiz. Bd. 4, 2: Bistum Freising. München, 1979. — Bergmann, Rolf et al., Katalog der althochdeutschen und altsächsischen Glossenhandschriften, Berlin/New York 2005, Vol. 1, pp. 158-. (Nr. 18).

1r-12r Bede: De natura rerum

12v-25r Calcidius: Translation of Plato's Timeus Incipit timeus Platonis Socrates in exhortationibus suius uirtutem laudans … — … exaequatae nature temporis sotia natura nancisceretur imaginem.

25r Later filling text: short medical recipes. Antidatum quod stomacho prodest et uentrem sine conturbatione soluet

25v-26v Excerptum de astrologia Duo sunt extremi uertices mundi quos appelant polos septentrionis et austri … — … ad ipsum usque decurrit accipiens. An unfinished drawing of a planisphere at the top left off. 25v.

26v-31r De ordine ac positione [E] st quidem hic ordo et positio siderum quae fixa caelo Drawings of the constellations around and within the text. (The images seem to have been drawn before the text was written). The stars are marked with red dots but only on f. 27r-v. The rest of the rubrication, incl. initials at the beginning of sections, left unfinished.

31v Ps. Priscianus: Ad boreae partes With interlinear neumes.

32r-100v Sextus Pompeus Festus: De verborum significatione

100v-101v (Ps?)Jerome: Epistola ad Dardanum Epistula hieronimi ad dardanum de generibus musicorum incipit cum interrogatione sua Cogor a te ut ti dardane de aliis generibus musicorum sicut res docer … — … intellegenda sunt si terrena sapienter ac diligenter respiciamus spiritualiter ac mystice in[…]

101v On the Roman rank system Decanus sub centurione Sub tribune centurio … — … et super quem unum annum donat ne elation subripiat This short text follows Jerom’s letter also in Florence MS Laurentiana Plut. XXIX Cod. 32 (from the 9th-10th c.).

102r-103v Berno of Reichenau: Ratio generalis de initio adventus domini Sciendum sane est et omnibus orthodoxis fidelibus memoriter retinendum … — … unum batisma sit et una ęcclesię unanimitas. AMEN.

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