Boulogne-sur-mer, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 188


Germanicus' Aratea

Aratea text: Germanicus, Aratea

Parchment — i (paper) + 33 + i (paper) fols. — 360 × 280 mm — Saint-Bertin — X-XI (not before 905).

Support: According toC. Jeudi, Y.-F. Riou I10 (ff.1-10), II-III8 (ff.11-18 and 19-26), IV8(-1) (ff.27-33).

Layout: 36 ruled lines in two columns.

Script: The text of the calender and the tables onff. 1r-10vis written in uncial in red and green. The argumenta on f. 11r-19r are written in tiny Caroline minuscule. The text of germanicus' Aratea is written in Capitalis rustica.

History: The text of Germanicus' Aratea belong to the Z-family. There is still dispute about the origin of manuscript. The fact that the text in Boulogne-sur-mer skips 142 and 144-146, which are present inLeiden, VLQ MS 79 have cast doubt that the latter manuscript served as the model. Reeve (1980), however, argues that these verses were simply erased from the Leiden MS from the scribe who added the Gothic transcript. Scholars are nevertheless still careful in establishing the connection between the two witnesses (see Obbema). The computistical argumenta in give a terminus post quem 905. Based on the palaeographical and art-historical features the MS is supposed to be written in the abbey of Saint-Omer-Saint-Bertin during the time of Abbot Odbert (986-1008). — Around the end of the 10th c. the mansucript was still in Saint-Bertin where it served as the model for the production of Bern Bürgerbibliothek MS 88. It is however not mentioned in the library catalogue from 1104 (Becker, Nr. 77, p. 181-184).

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1r-19v Calendar

20r-33r Germanicus: Aratea Z family

Abreviated Literature:

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