St. Gall, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. 250 (draft description)


Astronomical-computistical collection

Parchment — 645 pp. — St. Gall — s. IX4/4

Support: The quire structure can be examined to a certain extent in the digital facsimile thanks to the quire marks in Roman numerals centered in the lower margin of the last page of each quire. Uncertain is the collation for the quires VI and VII (including mainly tables on p. 99-140), for which there are no quire marks and which seem to be irregular. flyleaf2 (pastedown + p. 1), I12 (pp. 3-26), II (pp. 27-46), III 10 (pp. 47-66), IIII8 (pp. 67-82), V8 (pp. 83-98), VI+VII12(-1) (pp. 99-120), VIII10 (pp. 121-140), VIIII-XIIII10 (p. 141-260), XV6 (p. 261-278), XVI-XVIII10 (p. 279-332), XIIII 8 (p. 333-348), XX-XXIII10 (p. 349-428), XXIIII8+1 (p. 429-446), XXV8 (p. 447-462), XXVI10-1 (p. 463-480, missing 1 fol. after p. 478; p. 463-464 single leaves), XXVII-XXVIII8 (p. 481-512), XXVIIII6 (p. 513-524), XXX8-1 (p. 525-538, missing 1 fol. after p. 526), XXXI10 (p. 539-558), XXXII8 (p. 559-578), XXXIII-XXXV10 (p. 579-638), XXXVI2 (2 single leaves, p. 639-642), XXXVII2 (Bifolium, p. 643-645) . See also the collation in Anton von Euw (2008) (pp. 449-454, Nr. 120), reproduced in e-codices.

Selected Bibliography: Anton von Euw (2008), pp. 449-454, Nr. 120.

p. 146-163 Bede: De temporibus

p. 164-425 Bede: De temporum ratione Incipit praefatio Bedae prbi. de temporibus

p. 539 blank.

p. 540-639 Hyginus: De astronomia Hyginus M. Fabio plurimam salutem Et si te studio grammaticae artis … — … cum sol ab aestiuo circulo.

p. 639-640 In primo anno sol intrat in arietem XV. Kl. Apr. in hora noctis inchoante … — … ad primam horam noctis recurrat. Diagram of the Lunar phases.

p. 641 Table for the age of the moon on the Kalends of every month within the 19-year-cycle.

p. 642 Argumentum de septem planetis Si vis scire quanto temporis suum quaeque planetarum perficiat cursum solis … — … luna omnium inferior nouenis accelerat punctis.

p. 643-644 blank.

Abreviated Literature:

Anton von Euw (2008)Euw, Anton. Die St. Galler Buchkunst vom 8. bis zum Ende des 11. Jahrhunderts. Vol. 1. Textband. 2 vols. Monasterium Sancti Galli 3. St. Gallen: Verl. am Klosterhof, 2008.

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