Huginus: De Astronomia

Introduction by Ivana Dobcheva


Hyginus goal, as stated in his work was to explain more clearly the facts of which Aratus spoke in a confusing manner, so that it appear that we take much care in what we have engaged with. And if thanks to the use of the best authorities so that nobody have treated [the same topic] with more brevity or trustfulness... That is why we decided to use the most important works... For we wrote about the most important topics for the use/ benefit of our friends the most erudite people; dealing with no trifling things, we strive to obtain/ win the esteem of the readers.

The work is divided in four books:

Incipits and excipits:


Selected Literature

Manuscript transmission

There are more than 80 manuscripts, listed by Ghislaine Viré (1981) and André Le Boeuffle (2002).

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